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A bit about us...

​OMRT was founded in 2018 by Andreja Andrejevic & Jasper Spiegeler. They had learned about parametric design while studying at TU Delft. After working in the industry for a few years, they were surprised to learn how low-tech solutions were still the norm, with companies still using excel sheets to manage multi-billion euro projects.

As a result, OMRT was born. The mission was to bring this technology to an industry that has traditionally resisted change, but is on the verge of major disruption. Our parametric, and design analysis tools are now used in over 15% of all houses built in the Netherlands. 


Life at OMRT...

In four short years, OMRT has grown from a team of just two founders to a diverse group of 28 people with over 12 nationalities. The office is a dynamic, motivating and fun place to work, where no two days are the same.

We put emphasis on responsibility, and make sure you have a space to take risks and perform at our best, without fear of making mistakes. We know that to upset the status quo, we have to be brave and a bit rebellious. We enjoy the lighter side of life too, the office foosball table is always busy, and the fridge is always well stocked with beer on Fridays!


Current Vacancies

Account Executive


Product Manager


DevOps Engineer


Computational Physics Engineer


Full-Stack Developer


Internships (open)

Full-time internship (3 months min.)

Our Values



We encourage individual ownership but work as a team. We collaborate, communicate, and we're accountable.



It is our superpower. We do not surrender in our mission. It is in our DNA to think differently. We encourage creative ideas and we follow through. 



We win with diversity. Bringing together people with different backgrounds, experience, opinions and views, helps us deliver better products and be better people.



We are in the business of changing people's lives, working to provide housing. We strive for excellence, always going the extra mile.



We know no bounds. We ask bold, brave questions. We study, examine, probe, contemplate, prototype and persevere. This is how we unlock innovation. 



We hire awesome people who take smart risks. We encourage them to move sideways, we enable them to move upwards, and there are always new frontiers to conquer.

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