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OMRT Wind Studies

We offer the fastest, most accurate wind studies in the Netherlands, with pricing that won't be beaten


Industry leading wind analysis

Thanks to our experienced engineers & cloud computing architecture, OMRT is uniquely positioned to provide the best wind analysis service in the Netherlands. For comfort, safety & flexibility, on large projects or small.


Project Delivery

Take a deeper dive into OMRT's delivery process by clicking here.


OMRT FAQ's. How do I create a project in the OMRT hub?

To run a project in the OMRT hub is straightforward. First, contact a member of our team or book a demo. We have a standard intake procedure that we can explain to you on how we kickstart a project

How long is the typical turnaround time for a building design project?

It depends on everything from project constraints and complexities, to the level of detail you'd like from your output. Typically within 1-2 weeks we will return the first run of as project

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