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OMRT at PROVADA: Sustainability and Building Design for the Future

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Last week OMRT attended the PROVADA real estate convention at the RAI Amsterdam in full force. PROVADA is the largest real estate convention in the Netherlands, with over 200 stands and 25,000 guests, so is not to be missed for traditional companies and scale-ups alike.

Throughout the three day convention, the OMRT crew were present at the custom built stand, a reusable wooden church built together with Respace, another similarly sized Dutch start-up who specialise in “box within box” wooden structures. With sustainability and circularity being a major overall theme during the event, this sustainable and reusable showcase was well received. The stand was the backdrop for numerous interesting conversations, both for OMRT, and its partners.

OMRT founder Andreja Andrejevic joined a number of big names on stage at the PROVADA Future on Wednesday. Andreja spoke about how circularity and sustainability will pave the way for the future of the building industry, both in the Netherlands and globally. Andreja argues that OMRT is positioned as a frontrunner to capitalize on this trend, with its integral design software helping to reduce material and carbon footprint, as well as build costs.

Andreja speaking at the PROVADA Future Event

The OMRT/Respace church

The OMRT crew built up and then took down the stand together. Great team building activity!



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