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Back and forth on a design for months?

We've made human focused technology to build better real-estate projects.

Our product empowers design teams to make better decisions and to streamline the design process. Complex factors such as wind, daylight, or solar analysis can be made simple and analysed at lightspeed, in accordance with regulations and industry norms. Our designs are made easily accessible in 3D on our Design Scout tool.

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Our partners

Architects, engineers, municipalities and real estate developers.

Parametrize your company's DNA

We are OMRT, your partners in real-estate. We have the skills and expertise to bring the technology you need to your real-estate company. 


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Our Studio
for tailored project optimisation

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Our Suite
to tame complexity
with technology

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In cities where housing is in short supply, every square metre counts.

Our technology creates hundreds or thousands of possible variants, finding the optimal one for each site.

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Identify & eliminate showstoppers. 

Plan an entire real-estate project from inception to completion. An invaluable insurance against costly missteps. 

Sustainable designs. Built for the future.

Wind (NEN8100 compliance), noise, solar path analytics, daylight (NEN-EN 17037 compliance), energy & CO2 performed in tandem with building design. Maximize comfort & efficiency of the building, while minimizing impact on the neighbourhood. 

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Design on the Fly.
Limitless variants.

Project results are easily accessible in our 3D design scout. Instantly compare metrics, visual designs and physics analytics in detail. Available in browser, all you need is an internet connection.

Parametric Design.
Truly gamechanging.

Powered by our in-house tech, you can cut material usage while increasing total useable floor area. Maximum efficiency, only possible through technology pursuing thousands of threads in parallel.

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Our partners

Architects, engineers, municipalities and real estate developers.