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Back and forth on a design for months?

We've made human focused technology to build better real-estate projects.

Integral Projects

With the help of our in-house technology we can provide a fully integral analysis and design of your project in ± 2 months. You will receive hundreds of design options, all meeting national standards and requirements. It is in your hands to choose the best fitting one for your business case. 

Project Feasibility  

Our technology provides insight into the spatial, financial and technical feasibility of your project within 1 week.

Studies & Analyses

Wind Study

Wind study is a process in which the wind climate around a building or structure is analysed.

Rules/legislation: NEN8100.

Precision: ~ 98%.

Result: wind speed (m/s), NEN8100 categories (A- E).

Cost = Single: 6,300€, Multi: 8,600€

Time = 2 weeks


Daylight Study

Daylight gif.gif

Daylight analysis involves calculating the amount of natural light entering the living spaces of a building, as well as the quality of that light. Regulations/legislation: NEN-EN 17037.

Precision: 100%.

Result: daylight quantity in lux (lx).

Cost: Single: 4,000€, Multi: 6,300€

Time: 1-2 weeks

Urban Sound Analysis

Here we analyse and measure noise levels in urban environments, such as sound pressure due to train or road traffic.

Regulations/legislation: Wet Geluidhinder (WGh)

Precision: ± 3 dB

Result: sound pressure at the facade in decibels (dB(A)).

Cost: Single: 5,200€, Multi: 7,500€

Time: 1 week

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 16.37.14.png

Sun & Shadow Impact

solar video clipped gif.gif

This analyses how the shadow cast by a building or other structure affects its surroundings and how sunlight reaches those different parts of a building over the course of a day and throughout the year.

Regulations/legislation: TNO bezonning

Precision: 100%

Result: amount of shade/sun in hours (hrs).

Cost: Single: 2,300€, Multi: 4,000€

Time: 2 weeks

View Quality Analysis

This analysis is a process of calculating the visibility of the sky and surroundings from a given point or location. 

Regulations/legislation: international LEEDv4

Precision: 100%

Result: % of visibility to the object

Cost: Single: 1,700€ , Multi: 2,900€

Time: 1-2 weeks

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 16.39.14.png

Urban Heat Stress

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 16.41.16.png

The heat island effect is the (unwanted) accumulation of heat due to multiple factors, including solar radiation, wind, and the type of materials.

Regulations/legislation: no national requirements (yet)

Precision: 50-90% (depending on need)

Result: UTCI-score [°C]. (Universal Thermal Climate Index)

Cost: Single: 2,300€ , Multi: 4,000€

Time: 1 week

Energy Analysis

The BENG analysis is a comprehensive assessment of the energy performance of a building design.

Regulations/legislation: OMRT can compute both dynamically and in accordance with NTA8800.

Precision: 100%

Result: BENG 1, 2, en 3, and option for TOjuli.

Cost: Single: 4,000€ , Multi: 6,300€

Time: 2 weeks

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 16.44.19.png
Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 16.45.03.png

C02 Analysis

Evaluation of the environmental cost indicator (EQI) and optimisation from the perspective of C02 on mass on the one hand and material on the other.

Regulations/legislation: MPG

Precision: Input dependant 

Result: Relative C02 impact reduction

Cost: Single: 2,300€ , Multi: 3,500€

Time: 2 weeks

Our partners

Architects, engineers, municipalities and real estate developers.

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