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Our computational brain

Read on if you want to understand more about the technologies supporting the solutions we provide.

Our computational brain uses the input from experts on these topics as criteria for both generating and analysing designs. Through heavy computational power, all possible designs on a location can be generated automatically and quickly. Each solution is scored on their performances on multiple topics simultaneously. The strength of the product is the huge width and depth of the incorporated expertise and that this is accessible from one central location, instead of 10-20 non-compatible separate software solutions that usually do not communicate.


Parametric Tech (powered by             )

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Parametric algorithms by our Ostate tech standardise and automate repetitive work like modelling volume studies at an urban development level, or planning a building according to a specific mix of functions. Rules have been programmed within the parametric algorithms, such as building codes, construction principles, core principles, and zoning plans. With these rules and the use of standardised building elements from suppliers, the algorithm automatically generates feasible building masses and designs. Based on boundary conditions such as maximum building heights and the program of requirements, the technology creates all possible design solutions in 3D. In this way we can easily generate more than 10,000 design solutions at any location in a short time, all of which can be realized, and that meet the specified preconditions.

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Performance Engine (powered by            ) 

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The performance analysis engine Olysis is powered by computational software that has been used for years in other sectors, such as the automotive and aerospace industries. It simulates and predicts the physical aspects and technical performance of the 3D model or design, e.g., wind, energy/NZEB, noise, daylight, costs, yields, sustainability, MPG, constructive and even privacy/vision analyses. We have built our system to calculate all these aspects simultaneously and integrally, based on one central 3D model. By applying and combining our two technologies, we enable stakeholders to generate all possible designs at a location within the boundaries of the rules and we can assess the performance of each variant. Our methods give you access to complete information up-front, as opposed to having meeting-after-meeting with many stakeholders.

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