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Control. Create. Communicate.

Your real estate development workflow starts within the OMRT / hub,

develop, manage, and report from a single source.


Upload existing


Add new locations or start projects

Utilise parametric technology

Variant study from OMRT
The allseeing eye

Streamline collaboration

Waiting for invoices


risks early

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Make informed decisions

Want to see how it works and how it might fit you?


Keep control and gain overview on all your project's timelines, budgets, risks, and opportunities. 

Easily adjust the data of your projects to
see its immediate effects. 

Identify potential risks and opportunities as early as possible to remain agile in the ever changing landscape.

The OMRT Hub


Seamlessly build and report on all your projects from one place with OMRT / hub. Stay updated on every project's status with real-time, data-driven insights. Identify risks early and adapt your designs effortlessly.

Parametric Design & Consulting
Parametric Design & Consulting

For any project, in any phase, on any location you can request 3D variant studies from our team of experts. 


Based on your own input requirements and boundary conditions, you will receive all possible design variants in one dashboard. Parametric design is the key to finding the optimal balance between all relevant parameters of your project. 

Adopt our approach to systematically get from concept to completion. Our parametric design experts  deliver results in a bi-weekly rhythm to ensure a smooth process. 

Performance Analyses

With a track record of over 350 projects done, we pride ourselves in working in a accurate, controlled, certified manner. 


Our proven technology can conduct more than 16 state of the art performance analyses for your current or future projects. 

Our streamlined approach eliminates costly mistakes and adheres to the 'first time right' principle. With our integrated framework, we efficiently compute all technical aspects of your building design, reducing turnaround time from days to minutes.

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Our platform provides a seamless way to communicate building designs through commenting, annotating, generating reports, and sharing. Experience a new level of collaboration and efficiency.




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