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housing units integrally
generated & optimised


kg of CO2 emissions 
reduced in our designs yearly


hours of unnecessary
work saved

The design platform for real estate development

OMRT makes designing & developing real estate flexible, all-encompassing and risk-free by centralising knowledge into one system. Powered by our technology, we can transform real estate development from a linear to an iterative and integral process. We can realise design iterations 80% faster, and improve energy scores by 25%. Our designs can lower material costs by upto 20%, and optimize m² usage by 20%.

OMRT makes parametric design practical. Our collection of connected architectural design, physics, finance and material modules are able to predict the built environment of the future. We can analyse everything. From our lightning quick wind simulations, to detailed and integrated solar analysis, comfort and floorplans optimised for more square metres. Take your pick! By generating the digital twin of what is soon to be built, we are Future Twinning.

Twinning the future

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