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We Took over a Belgian Castle: A Week in Images

Updated: May 9, 2023

At OMRT, you'll usually find us designing innovative parametric, generative solutions, to help expedite the delivery of homes, and help ease the housing crisis. However when we’re not working on this mission, we’re out having fun and enjoying life!

So in a late March afternoon, we packed into a few cars and took off for the hills of Belgium as part of our first annual ‘work-ation’. The destination was kept a closely guarded secret for months by the organising committee. But finally, the day had come, we had arrived at the mystery destination, our very own castle in the peaceful countryside of Wallonia! The week would feature a mix of activities, along with time to lounge about the grounds of the castle, get to know each other in a new light, bathe in the sun, and a chance to disconnect from our regular lives. Read on for a visual overview of our wonderful week in Belgium!

The fabled castle, in all its glory:

We went mountain biking:

There was a super competitive session of laser tag:

Who has the most intimidating pose? ;)

We went to Namur, visiting the old town and enjoying a nice meal (and got ice-cream):

The roaring twenties themed party night was a huge success. The castle was a perfect setting for a murder mystery game written by our in-house fantasy writer/data-scientist Rafa Di Carlo:

Who wore it best?

The castle made for a spooky background for campfire ghost stories:

An impromptu photoshoot while enjoying the sunshine:

Hamid got some awesome drone footage on a hike:

These were just some of the highlights of our week in Belgium! We're looking forward to topping this next year!



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