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Windstudies at an early stage to eliminate showstoppers now

Your trusted wind experts

Outdoor comfort is a key concern when designing urban areas and projects. The OMRT wind study (in accordance with NEN 8100) provides detailed insight into wind speed, wind comfort and wind hazard from the SO onwards. Our parametric technology makes it possible to integrally test different design variants or measures such as canopies and trees. We also assess the comfort level of specific design solutions such as balconies, roof gardens and courtyards.


What does your current project ask for?

We deliver what you need:

Parametric windstudy

  • 1-direction CFD windstudy

  • Up to 36 design variants (SO-VO-DO level)

  • In conformity with OMRT CFD calculations

  • Delivered within 2 weeks

  • € 6.300,-

  • Optional: inclusion of specific design solution (e.g. courtyards, balconies)

Detailed parametric windstudy

Permit-level Wind test

  • 12-directional CFD windstudy

  • Up to 6 design variants (DO)

  • NEN8100-compliant 

  • Delivered within 2 weeks

  • €8.600,- 

  • Optional: Inclusion of specific design solutions (e.g. courtyards, balconies)

  • 12-directional CFD windstudy

  • 2 varianten (bestaand en DO ontwerp)

  • NEN8100-compliant 

  • Delivered within 2 weeks

  • € 6.300,-

  • Including report

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Our Process

Step 1: Quotation request

  • Using the link below will start your quote request. OMRT will contact you within 1 day to understand your request


Stap 2: Study execution 

  • Upon agreement, we hand the project over to one of our building physics project engineers. They will contact you, load the project environment and prepare the digital design to carry out the agreed wind study.

Stap 3: Sharing results and consultation

  • We share the results via the OMRT / Hub. The project engineer explains the results in a digital consultation. As a client, you will have access to the OMRT / Hub for 3 months. Additionally, we provide an (advisory) report based on the outcomes.

Trusted by

Architects, engineers, municipalities and real estate developers.

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